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What is
The Restoration Depot?

We provide a one-stop-shop for virtual wellness services that support the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of individuals.

What is

Wellness includes taking care of our Social, Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual well-being.

Social well-being is the ability to communicate, develop meaningful relationships with others, and maintain a support network that helps you overcome loneliness. (Davis, 2019)​

Physical well-being is the ability to improve the functioning of your body through healthy eating and good exercise habits to promote a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit. (Davis, 2019 and AANA, 2020)

Emotional well-being is the ability to practice stress-management techniques, be resilient, and generate the emotions that lead to good feelings. (Davis, 2019)

Intellectual well-being includes engaging in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities to keep the mind alert and engaged and to promote the experience and integration of meaning and purpose in life through a person's connectedness with self and others through such activities as art, music, literature, and nature. (ICAA, 2020 and Srivastava, 2018)


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I'm an older person who isn't too comfortable with zoom meetings, classNamees and technology in general, so I was very surprised how easy and how much fun the zoom presentation with Sandra Wong turned out to be! It was almost like all of the participants and Sandra were in the same room with lots of interaction and humor. It could not have been more fun and more of a surprise to me! Anyone, no matter your age, can feel comfortable with this "new" way to learn and have a fun experience while at home.


It was a pleasure listening to such a multi-talented musician as Sandra Wong. We found her virtual session especially engaging when she shared with us the nyckelharpa, a Swedish folk instrument. The stories she shared of her musical background and the music she performed for us were wonderful. We are looking forward to her next virtual session.

Brad & Jann

Dr. Mac presents mental health information in layman's terms making it easy to understand. He uses a bit of humor, making it enjoyable and engaging. Having access to a psychiatrist to ask questions is invaluable. I found his presentation very informative and useful.