7 Reasons to Join The Restoration Depot
January 28, 2021

While the Internet is abundant with free wellness videos and most are just a click away, there is a large percentage of people who prefer to pay for virtual wellness classes. Why?



When given the choice of using a brush hook to clear an overgrown path to reach your destination or take a path already cleared, most of us prefer to take the easy road. Consumers are willing to pay more for convenience. This is especially true for wellness classes under one roof, as it reduces the decisions that need to be made.

Free wellness videos are paid for by consumer effort. They have to be searched for, organized, and consumers have to create a useful structure for the videos. A simple search tends to generate thousands of results. There are 500 hours of YouTube videos uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY! An abundance of content then creates the need for the consumer to determine whom to trust, if it is the right content for their needs, and if the content is even what they are really looking for. This trial-and-error approach can lead to doubt and frustration and take up a lot of time and effort.

Paying for virtual wellness classes that are already structured under one roof allows consumers to find exactly what they want and access it when they need it.

When you join The Restoration Depot, you can access many different types of wellness classes under one roof. You can join different classes each week, be a part of the same class each week, or mix it up!


Paid virtual wellness classes to provide significant value for the money.People view virtual wellness classes as cost-effective or cheap. On average, to pay for an individual wellness class in a studio costs $35. To pay for a virtual wellness class costs $7 on average. This means that someone could get 5 virtual wellness classes for one studio class’ cost.

There is an infinite amount of free video content (remember the 500 hours of YouTube videos posted daily?!). However, the cost to consumers includes risking their security on suspicious third-party websites, time wasted searching through the vast amounts of content and fighting against pop-up ads for low-quality streaming – a frustrating process that spoils the experience, to say the least.

When consumers pay for virtual wellness classes, they get exactly the content they want without the effort and risk.

When you join The Restoration Depot, you will have access to multiple classes to choose from at a great value.


Why do people tend to search for virtual wellness classes? They are typically looking to improve themselves in some way, to be smarter, fitter, more mindful, or more creative. Ultimately, they are seeking to transform into a better version of themselves. Only they don’t know how to make that happen.

Free content tends only to provide bits and pieces of information on how to make transformations. Users might have to piece together multiple tutorials or videos. This is hard work, and not knowing what they don’t know, there could be missing information that could hinder their success.

Paying for virtual wellness classes ensures that you get all the information you need. Consumers can feel confident that they are learning from industry experts and benefit from interacting with instructors – a priceless value beyond a course fee.

When you join The Restoration Depot, you can feel confident you are learning from caring health and wellness experts you can interact with and learn from who want to help you meet your wellness goals.


Consumers actively seek out paid platforms to access virtual wellness classes to reduce overwhelm. Content shock is real! Content shock is when people get too much to watch and too little time to watch it. This has become a serious problem affecting people’s mental health.

Consumers seek ways to take back some control and more easily filter out the good from the bad. For this very reason, 90% of Generation Z are willing to pay for access to online content. Since COVID-19, older generations are beginning to value this as well. With the pandemic, 26% more people have been exposed to paying for subscription content, and 100% of those have said they would be willing to invest more in similar services.

It is no longer considered weird to pay for content on the Internet. In fact, it is weird if you don’t!

When you join The Restoration Depot, you will be pleased with the control you have to select classes that resonate with you and subscription levels that come with no longterm commitments. You can change your subscription level or cancel it at any time. Subscriptions provide you with cost-savings, but if you prefer to pay-as-you-go using the drop-in fee, you can do that too!


When people receive things for free, they may get all excited and not believe their luck! Receiving something for free may produce euphoria, but elation soon fades, and people are left looking for their next endorphin rush.

An example of this phenomenon is a highly successful online entrepreneur who launched a $2,000 business course to help new entrepreneurs succeed. He had friends requesting to access his course for free, so being generous and wanting to help them, he gave it to them. Much to his surprise, none of them ever finished the course, and most of them never even opened the first module.

The virtual wellness class world is no stranger to this phenomenon, either. One platform offered people their first class for free, trying to be generous and help people during an economic downturn to do something positive for themselves. Many signed up, and most no-showed.

People value what they pay for. The “sunk cost fallacy” says that people are basically loss averse. They would even be willing to incur a hardship to get their money’s worth rather than waste their investment. Someone who subscribes to a virtual wellness service will get more value and use from the service and better results than someone who gets it for free.

When you join The Restoration Depot, you know how many classes you have each month based on the subscription level you choose. According to the “sunk cost fallacy,” you will take the time to use the classes you have paid for, and you will get better results from creating a wellness routine.


Paying for virtual wellness classes can provide you with a community. It allows members to interact with like-minded people who are interested in and care about similar things. Being a part of a community supports social and emotional well-being and provides a sense of belonging and purpose.

People want to be a part of communities they can contribute to and support. A community that reaches beyond itself to support other endeavors and causes also promotes a sense of pride about being a member. People who want to be part of something larger than themselves will be drawn to the community.

When you join The Restoration Depot, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals seeking personal transformation through wellness classes that you can interact with and enjoy a shared activity. You will also be supporting causes that address the wellbeing of people, pets, and the planet.

#7 NO ADS!

Once a month, I receive notification that I have paid $11.99 for Hulu Premium. This is one of the best investments I make because when I sit down at night to veg out in front of the television, I can access my favorite shows with NO ADS!

Free content always comes at the cost of watching ads. Fighting against pop-up ads and banner ads in videos is annoying and is a distraction from your purpose of watching the video.

When it comes to virtual wellness classes, no ads mean no interruptions to the class’ flow or the information.

When you join The Restoration Depot, you can be assured that there will be NO ADS during classes or through the class sign-up process in Schedulicity. Providers may share information about other classes with you when it is relevant, and they think you would enjoy trying another class based on your goals.

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