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Frequently Asked


How Does it work
The Restoration Depot utilizes a scheduling and payment platform called "Schedulicity". You will able to access the list of classes, see when they are being offered, sign up for classes, and make payment for your subscription through this easy-to-use platform.
In what time zone are classes listed?
All classes are listed in Mountain Standard Time (MST).  Just add or subtract from the listed class time to determine the start time in your area:
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How to register for a class:
View the class calendar and register here:
Classes are listed in the class calendar up to 1-hour prior to their start time. If you want to join a class that begins in less than 1-hour, you must submit your request by email to or by text to (720) 310-0509. Every effort will be made to register you and send you the link to the class prior to the class start time. We cannot guarantee late registrations, as it will be dependent on the volume of late requests received.

What do I do if I registered and cannot attend?

Please send an email to as soon as possible to let us know. Think of it this way…the providers are like puppies excitedly waiting for their people to come home…when the people don’t show up, the puppies are very sad. Please don’t make our providers sad!

Those who notify us can reschedule without incurring an additional charge. Those who “no show” without notification are still charged for the class.

How do I access my class?

You will receive an email with the Zoom link to the session either the evening before or the day of and prior to the start time. You simply click on the link to join the session.

If you have not received your link, contact

If I cannot attend a class at the time it is offered, can I receive a recording?

Until we offer the class at a time you can attend, we would be happy to send you a recording. One of our primary purposes is to promote social interaction to decrease loneliness and isolation, so our goal is to have people participate live. As we grow, we plan to offer more classes at additional times, so please keep checking for classes you can attend in person. Also, feel free to send us a note - – to let us know what time you would like to see your class of interest offered for our future planning. Thanks!

Recordings are available for one-week after the live class and then expire.

How to purchase eGift Certificates:

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How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You can change your subscription level or cancel your subscription at any time by going to "My Preferences" in your Schedulicity account.

For support to change your subscription level or to cancel, just send an email to:

If you cancel, your subscription will expire at the end of the month in which your cancellation request is received. There are no refunds.