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Advanced Oil Magic Series 4 (an essential oil reference*)
*For reference purposes only; Not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling
9 Health Benefits of Music
NorthShore University Health System
9 Benefits of Yoga
John Hopkins Health System
Shatter the Silence and Seize The Awkward
Having a conversation about mental health might be uncomfortable, but it can make all the difference. Check out these tools – from conversation guides to tips –that can help you help those in need.
Make Mindfulness a Habit
Harvard Business Review
3-Minute Mindfulness
The Meditation & Breathing App
Mindful Magazine
The Whole 30 - The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom
Tai chi: A gentle way to fight stress
Mayo Clinic
Tapping and Emotional Healing: The 6 Benefits of EFT Tapping Therapy
Navigating the Education System
What you as parents need to know to make special education work for your child.
Djembe Drum Information
from Gregg Hansen