Why Community is So Important
February 19, 2021

Being a part of a community and feeling a sense of belonging is a human need. We want to feel we can contribute and make a difference, which provides us with a sense of purpose. Virtual communities bring together like-minded people with common interests. Experiencing the spirit of community promotes a sense of pride and an acknowledgment that every member matters, and together we are stronger. A community fosters a sense of being a part of something greater than ourselves.

The benefits of community are many. In a community, we learn from one another, support one another, and encourage one another. Showing support for others helps them feel good about themselves and promotes social and emotional well-being. Being a part of a community can create a sense of empowerment that together, we can make positive change. New ideas develop as community members share their knowledge and insight, bringing a unique value and worth to the community and contributing to intellectual well-being.

Additionally, communities can reinforce positive behaviors and motivate the reaching of goals. Relationships build, and bonds form, providing a more profound sense of belonging and security. Enhanced overall well-being comes from a sense of fulfillment and the enjoyment of being together. Communities provide tremendous learning resources with the vast knowledge available from the members. Members to have an outlet to share things they are passionate about, generating confidence and encouraging creativity.

Members of virtual communities have the opportunity to be inspired, problemsolve, share humor, vent frustrations, and share achievements. People stay with communities that are passionate about share values. Shared beliefs, trust, and togetherness promote the unified reaching of goals. Communities can achieve things together that may be more difficult to do individually. Being a part of a community is meaningful, healthy, and rewarding.

The Restoration Depot community is a virtual community promoting social, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being. We have a variety of interactive classes that are informative and fun! Being a part of our community helps decrease social isolation and loneliness and connects you with like-minded people with common interests. Our interactive classes allow you to contribute to the conversation and learn from others. The sense of fulfillment and the enjoyment of being with the community feeds the soul.

Having members with a broad range of interests and experiences on the platform offers a tremendous amount of resources for learning, problem-solving, and sharing new ideas. Humor and celebrating one another’s successes are an essential part of our community. We value kindness, respect, empathy, and fun! We are passionate as a community about supporting well-being, our own and others, through healthy activities and connecting.

Do you need some fun in your life? Would you like to connect with a community that shares your values? Are you looking for healthy, fun, informative, and engaging things to do? You are not alone! Try Tai Chi, yoga, mindfulness meditation, or EFT tapping for stress and anxiety. Learn all about essential oils and how they can support your wellness, or learn about Functional Medicine from a nurse practitioner and mental health from a psychiatrist. Find support for yourself and be empowered to help your child navigate the education system by attending the unique parenting class. Enjoy concerts and conversations with instrumentalists and their guests, or get your groove on with the djembe (jembay) drumming class!

To meet our providers and hear more about our classes, you can view the Provider’s videos on The Restoration Depot’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ATveu9e-aeYUG_tApHOrw

We look forward to you joining us! TheRestorationDepot.com